Well, sadly this was the last day we could shop The 127 Longest Yard Sale Event. We ended our day where the event was started in Jamestown, TN at the Cumberland General Store. There were a load of vintage vendors at this site and we went out with a bang.

Los of great stuff again, a bunch of bottles for center pieces in cobalt and green. Couple more candelabras and a great piece of rough sawn cedar with live edges for use as a table shelf. Picked up a large piece of river driftwood for coastel themes and a few apothecary glass canisters for candy bars.

We had been looking for a chunky leg buffet with a mirror and a similar table for use as a sweetheart table. We had just about given up and then we found it on the last row of the last day! Absolutely beautiful buffet table with a large beveled mirror and awesome vintage wide board top. Very old piece that is in great condition. Best news may be that the mirror is easily removable so it can be used as just a table. Pictures will follow once we are back in real wi-fi range. Hope you all have enjoyed following along on our journey. From here its realaxation and a leisurely ride back to South Florida. Take Care…

Chris & Sonya