In mid 2014, True Love Decor was created after a couple family members wanted to use some our of personal vintage collection at their weddings. We had been collecting items forAbout Photo some time and now found a way that we could work with them everyday. Our greatest pleasure is helping our clients turn their dreams into reality, by presenting authentic decor items using creative design concepts. There is something to be said about creating an event that mimics the past and reminds all of a much simpler time.

So, we continue to scour the back roads of America in search of vintage and period design items that turn an ordinary event into something very special. Our passion for things old and an artistic flair allows us to re-purpose many items and create uses no one has ever thought to try. Certainly, we did not invent the vintage rental business, but we are doing our very best to put our own mark on it.

If there is something you really want, but just cannot find, please let us help. Often times we can find these items, rent them to you and add them to our collection for others to enjoy. I think you will find our inventory to be a mix of very authentic and eclectic pieces that can be used at any number of events from the beach to a barn.

In closing, we want to thank you for taking the time to preview our site today and remind you as we say around here, they may never remember your vows, but they will always remember your décor!

Chris (CR) and Sonya Brown